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As we approach the last days, sound doctrine will be diluted in many churches to appease the spirits of liberalism as large in the world, and persecution of those believers who hold on to the fullness of the gospel message will intensify. We need to “build ourselves up in our most holy faith” so that we can be prepared for whatever the enemy might throw at us, and be ready at the last, a spotless bride, to receive our Lord into the Kingdom of our God and His Christ.

Brace Yourself! Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams

Between December last year and now an American pastor called Dana Coverstone has received three prophetic dreams concerning the state of the USA. What he saw in the Spirit in graphic detail in December was what we watched in the news between March and June: Covid and the current civil unrest around black lives matter.

Google and YouTube are now awash with comments about his dreams, which Pastor Coverstone described in a YouTube video towards the end of June. I have had a couple of thoughts myself: here there they are.

In 1983 a man of God called Tom Zimmer, who was a war veteran living in Italy who spent all his time in prayer and worship, interceding especially for the nations, received a prophecy which specified the man called Donald J Trump would lead America back to God. He shared this with an American friend of his, who said that he must be wrong: Donald Trump was a New York playboy, and hardly the man that God would choose to lead America back to Him. However Tom Zimmer was convinced he had heard the Lord. Tom lived in the town of Loreto, where everybody knew him as a holy man, like Simeon and Anna who spent their time in the temple at the time of the birth of Jesus.

Fast forward to 2020 and Dana Coverstone. He is not a well-known pastor leading a big church; his calling is to go into churches who have lost their moral compass and turn them back to the Lord. He is not a known prophet, and in fact repeatedly says “I am not a prophet.” Responses to these dreams vary from scepticism to full belief, but whatever people think about the things he says, his integrity as a man of God appears to be in no doubt.

The first of his dreams accurately prophesied events in America between March and June. The second dream which he received at the end of June, I think it was the 24th, looks forward to the period between September and November, the time of the US presidential election.

He saw America in meltdown, with Washington burning and troops on the streets. It was full-scale Civil War. You need to see the videos yourself: just google “Dana Coverstone Prophetic Dreams.” I won’t get into details here, but they are a warning from the Lord to the church of America to “Brace Yourself!” We might say, “What’s that got to do with me in the UK?” I can’t answer that, other than to say I expect that the ripples will be felt around the world if the predictions come true. Pastor Coverstone says: “Believers, STOP MESSING AROUND if you’re not living for the Lord as you ought to be!” I think we can all hear this, whatever the context.

What we don’t necessarily realise in our peaceful United Kingdom is that the polarisation between the Republicans and Democrats in the USA is practically on a civil war footing already. The fuse is already burning,and it’s helped along by the partisan reporting of the two main TV news channels: Fox (Democrat) and CNN (Republican). There is a battle raging in Heaven over the whole world between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, and I believe that much of it is being played out on the streets of the United States, as the fight for the soul of the nation rages. What pastor Coverstone saw, was, I believe, the time when the burning fuse reached the dynamite at the time of the presidential elections in November.

We don’t know, of course, how the last stages of this battle will be played out; but if we believe that God spoke to Tom Zimmer, as I do, we can trust that the final outcome of this “civil war” will be a re-elected Donald Trump leading America back to God. As you read this, please don’t think that I believe that God endorses Donald Trump’s politics. This is not about politics at all, but about the eternal destiny of millions of people, and about the part that a spiritually restored USA will play on the world stage in the events leading up to the return of Christ. Whatever his failings, and God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, it would appear that Trump has a part to play.

A detail that I find particularly interesting, and prophetic, and which as far as I know hasn’t been picked up by anyone else, is this: the 1983 prophecy was about Donald Trump restoring the moral and spiritual compass of a country that has turned away from God’s ways. The Dana Coverstone prophecies were given to a man whose ministry to the church is to do exactly the same thing. I take this unlikely connection as a sign that these things are in fact going to happen.

See also the post “The battle and our part in it” – Click here or follow the link below.

The Coming Rain

I don’t spend time online looking for what people are saying, so all I pick up in the “wind of the prophetic” is what comes directly to me through people I know. Another prophesy I have now seen twice is the “cloud the size of a man’s hand, coming out of the sea” that Elijah originally saw on Mount Carmel, when he had destroyed Baal worship and ended the drought brought about by Israel’s idolatry. (Read the story in 1 Kings 18).

A couple of years ago the Lord showed Andrew Baker of MakeWay Ministries a “small cloud coming out of the sea,” just as in the Elijah story, and spoke to him about an outpouring that was on its way. Just recently Chuck Pierce had a similar word; but this time the message was not just that the rain is on its way, but that we should run towards it. Referring to the door in Heaven that was standing open (Rev. 4:1), Chuck says (paraphrased by Jake Dominy, who sent it to me): “When you see the door open, run and look again. Run and look. You will see a cloud forming the size of a man’s hand. Run towards it. Run, run, because I am releasing my rain. It is going to get faster; in fact it will overtake you. The door is open. This is a new thing that I am accelerating.”

Prophetically, rain is associated with the pouring out of God’s Spirit, and specifically revival. A couple of years ago, God was saying it’s on its way; now He says it is close enough for us to “run towards it.” At the same time we are hearing a lot in the Spirit about “shaking” (“Once more I will shake the Heavens and the Earth” – Haggai 2:6 and Hebrews 12:26) and “standing firm.” So what do we believe?

I think the answer is that they are both true. The writer to the Hebrews says that this shaking “indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.” I watched a film the other night called “Hurricane Heist.” There was a lot of shaking, a lot of stuff being removed; and also there was a lot of rain. God has not said He would send gentle showers; He has said He will send rain. I think a storm is coming, bringing heavy rain with it. The rain is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to bring revival to the world and blessing for His people. The shaking that has started to demolish strongholds will continue, and God is saying to His people, “Hold on to me, stand firm, put down roots in My word and My Spirit.” People whose security in the world has been swept away by the storm will be turning to those who are standing firm, and seeking the One that we are holding onto.

I think the storm may be close. We need to be sure that our security is in “the things which cannot be shaken,” and we need to ask the Lord to send that rain cloud and be watching for that door to open in Heaven, so that when it comes we can run out into the storm, holding fast to Jesus, and get ourselves soaking wet.

“I have set the LORD always before me;
Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.
Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices;
My flesh also will rest in hope.” (Psalm 16: 8-9)

How Deep are your Roots?

How deep are your roots? Are you ready?

I saw the trees shaking violently in the wind. Although the leaves were staying on the trees, dead branches big and small were crashing to the ground, reminding me of the hurricane we had in the south east in 1987 where even huge  ancient trees were were felled by the storm. I felt the Lord say several  things through this.

Firstly: how deep are your roots in My word and spirit? Have you got the spiritual agility to sway, or are you rigid? Are you ready for the great shaking?

Secondly: I’m not only overturning old Christian rituals so my people are flexible, but I am also starting to overturn ancient ways of the world. This is the beginning of the great shaking spoken of in  Luke 15 v 5.
Jesus is asking: “Are you truly grafted into me?”

I was then reminded of an article I read about the coronavirus. Surviving the virus is only the beginning as it can damage your lungs for life.  I believe the Lord was showing me that in the future the NHS will be over-run, so people will start to turn to the Lord asking for healing. That will be our opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and reveal God’s glory, As things are being shaken by the Lord, more and more people will be asking questions and wanting answers .

The Lord is saying: “Are your roots in me deep enough to withstand the shaking I’m doing? Are you firmly grafted into me? Are you ready?

Jacob Dominy

“My Body is not in shape.”

Jake received this word earlier in the week, at about the same time as the Lord was speaking to me about the golden shields. It is worth reading them together.

Jake writes: I saw the Lord weeping. I asked the Lord why He was weeping, and He said this: “I am weeping over My body, for it is not in shape.”

I asked the Lord what He meant by this, and I felt Him say: “Large parts of My body still love sin and only dislike the consequence of sin. I am using this time for a spiritual self -examination, where busyness has hidden the real you.  I will be highlighting motives and thought patterns that are contrary to My way.

I am doing a new thing: I am putting in my people who seek my face an aversion to sin and I will be restoring a JOY to my people that will be far greater than the short lived joy of sin.

My church for far too long has not heeded the warning from the Israelites in the desert, where I supplied them with manna to eat, yet they took their eyes of me and became complacent, took my provision for granted and became greedy. Trying to provide for themselves they forgot I had provided for them.  And hence I caused the food I provided that they had stored up to become inedible, to bring then back to me.”

The Golden Shields

“It happened in the fifth year of King Rehoboam that Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem. And he took away the treasures of the house of the LORD and the treasures of the king’s house; he took away everything. He also took away all the gold shields which Solomon had made.   (1 Kings 14: 25-26)

I felt the Lord spoke to me through this passage. He said: “What golden shields do you have in the temple? There should only be one shield, and that is the shield of faith. All of the others are made from the gold of this world, and belong to the ruler of this world. You need to remove your golden shields from My temple.“

The shields can take many forms. But they all have the same purpose: we look to them for safety and protection, and hiding under them we keep ourselves away from the Lord. We can let them become our security. They can be financial security, emotional security, reputation, religious systems, our traditions – any number of things. But the Lord wants us to clear His temple so that He can come and fill it with His glory.

God gave Solomon wealth and wisdom beyond measure, but in the end his heart went after other gods. He, and He alone, is our strength and our shield; His presence and not the gold He gives is our security. This is our shield of faith. If we wrap ourselves in him and place our trust in Him alone, His glory will eventually come and fill the temple. And then the answer will be “yes!“ to the question that Jesus put in Luke 18:8: “Will the Son of Man find faith on earth when He returns?”

I received this word around the same time that Jake received the prophesy posted as “My body is not in shape.” It is worth reading them together, as they convey a similar message.

Red Letter Days

When we were praying in our breakout groups this morning I felt the Lord say that the next few days are “red letter days” on His calendar. The battle in the heavenlies is intensifying (see Jakes post “The Battle Belongs to the Lord”, if you haven’t read it already). On the surface it can seem like there are two groups of people emerging in this lockdown: those who have more time on their hands and therefore seem to be in a better place to respond to the words about “preparation for the next move of God” that are around, and those who are so overwhelmed by the situation that they are now finding themselves in, that just surviving is a victory. But for all of us, whether we have more time for God, or whether we are run off our feet on the front line, 1 Cor 10:31 applies: “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We are never too busy or exhausted for the Holy Spirit to break in with a word for us, so If we can remember this verse during these “red letter days” we can be sure that our hearts are “good soil;” and then if God sows a word into our lives it will bring forth that extravagant fruit that we heard about in the service this morning.


light and dark don’t mix

Jake was talking about chocolate with Adele , and had the picture of cadbury dark milk chocolate which was intended to have best of both milk and dark chocolate in one bar. He felt the Lord say “I didn’t intend my church to best of both; I want my church to be a light and to shine for me without being mixed with the darkness of this world. I want my church to be sold out for light and me, and not have the best of both.”

The following is an extract from ”Wheat in the Winepress,” where I am writing about the fleece, and what I felt there is for us to learn from this particular portion. The message is the same. I believe God wants us to get serious about Light.

Wet ground, dry fleece

“An old friend from Gloucestershire, whom I see occasionally at prophetic gatherings, had a vision recently. In the vision she heard the sound of an old-fashioned typewriter, very loud, filling the room with the clack-clack-clack sound of the keys on the paper. Then she saw the typewriter, an old black upright machine. According to the way she told the story, there was no hand actually on the typewriter, but words were being formed. Instead of coming out of the top, the paper was coming out of the side, so the message was creating a banner. It said – this was in normal sized type –

“Some of my people are living dangerously”

Then in very large letters, the single word: MIXTURE

Some of us are mixing the flesh and the spirit; the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of the world. Perhaps a public ministry – and a little bit of private sin. Declaring God’s faithfulness – and being faithless in marriage. God in our Sunday conversations and in our quiet times – and a critical spirit and judgemental tongue for those close to us at other times. There are many ways of living this mixture, but there is only one truth: “the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another” (Gal. 5:17).

Isaiah exhorts God’s people (Isa. 48:20) to “Go forth from Babylon”, and many scholars read this as being an exhortation to be separate from the world’s systems. Looking to the book of Revelation, when the cry goes out from the third angel that “Babylon has fallen”, we read that anyone who receives the mark of the beast “shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God” (Rev. 14:10). There is no certain interpretation of these scriptures, but one thing is clear: as God’s chosen people we have been called out of the world, its systems and its ways; out of darkness and into the “marvellous light” of the Lord Jesus. Anything that is not separation is mixture, and God tells us that mixture is dangerous. And so we come back to the fleece, which on the second night was not touched by the water all around it.”

(From Wheat in the Winepress Chapter 6: “Know your God: the fleece.”)

perfect unity

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” (John 17:23)

The unity between the Father, the Son, and the church is complete: this is the pinnacle of all that Jesus came to achieve.

If Jesus prayed for it we can achieve it. If we learn to recognise his voice and ignore others we can keep in step with Him, because Unity with God is our goal, not cultivating fruits to try and be godly – this leads to religion, failure and shame, and takes us away from the purpose He has created us for, which is to walk with Him. If we call on Him He will reach out and bring His peace and presence:  He doesn’t care how far away we feel.

If we seek God with all our hearts we will deliver His gifts in His love and under His direction. if we seek gifts without seeking Him we operate in our own strength and risk delivering pride and clanging cymbals.

The new testament is full of examples of how to be like Jesus, in Unity with the Father; and full of ways to develop and train our minds and bodies to walk in that unity.

We need to be in his peace to hear his voice, so we must diligently seek that peace. That is the place of unity with God, and from there we can operate in his power, by His Spirit. If we lose it, we must go back and find it – don’t keep going in agitation. The longer we spend out of it, the messier our lives can get. Every negative word can weaken it: God want us to get every word right – it’s not enough just to be “good”. The biggest victories in our lives – and the salvation of those around us – will come as we diligently seek to walk in unity with one another and, most of all, with Jesus and the Father. It’s by that, and not by our evangelistic efforts or our attempts at goodness, that the world will know that the Father sent His Son because He loved it so much.

Anne Hext. Written in Sept 2016

digging ditches

Just over three years ago (on May 1 2017) the Lord spoke to us powerfully one Sunday about “digging ditches.” I reflected on it and wrote a piece that I think went into Wildwood Today (or Wildwood Yesterday…) I think it is very relevant for now, and the Holy Spirit wants to remind us of what He said. So here is what I wrote at the time:

Digging Ditches

On Sunday three words brought under the prompting of the Holy Spirit converged into one message. Jake brought a prophetic word, Marion brought a message from a conference she had attended on Friday, and I shared a scripture that I had read earlier that morning. When this happens God really wants to get our attention: we need to take hold of what He is saying and ask Him where we need to apply it to our lives. To do anything less is disobedience.

Jake brought a passionate word from Jesus, on the subject of sacrifice. The Lord was saying to us (I paraphrase, but hopefully this was the essence of the message): “I sacrificed everything for you. I suffered and died on the cross so that you could experience a personal relationship with me. But what do you sacrifice? What will you sacrifice so that you can live in my presence?”

Marion had been impacted at the Revival fires Conference with an exhortation from Lilian De Fin (Smith Wigglesworth’s great granddaughter) to “Dig ditches”. We need to dig ditches in our valleys if we want the water of revival to flow in. (Read the story in 2 Kings 3)

The scripture I had been reading before the service was from  Heb 6:11-15: “And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, saying, “Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you.” And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.”

So this is how I think we can join up the dots: Jesus is longing for us to experience a lifesyle of living in His presence, but is saying we need to consider our willingness to sacrifice. Are we being diligent, pursuing His promises through faith and patience, or are we being “sluggish”? Linda had a word at School of Prophesy earlier this year: “Eagerly desire the higher gifts. Eagerly desire. Eagerly desire!” Are we prepared to dig ditches, or are we sitting back and waiting for the water to flow down our valleys? God promises multiplication; He promises that the water will come, but it’s conditional on our willingness to sacrifice. The problem with digging ditches is that we probably like our valleys the way they are! So what areas is the Holy Spirit asking us to put the spade into and dig out? Do we eagerly desire the spiritual gift of a word of healing in a busy supermarket, or is the valley of our self-consciousness too precious to excavate? There is no doubt that sacrificial giving is part of the road to Park Life. “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom” (Luke 6: 38).  Are we really willing to dig into the comfortable valley of our financial security to inherit this promise “through faith and patience?”, or do we leave that bit of it to someone else? We all have our valleys that the Holy Spirit is longing to fill with the presence of God, to bring the multiplication He promises. Our part is to get before the Lord and say, “Lord, actually this is Your valley, not mine. Where shall I start digging?”

It is a dangerous prayer, and you can be certain He will answer it. Sometimes you know already what He will point to, sometimes it will be a surprise; but one thing we can be sure of: the result will always be a blessing. “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works that He has prepared beforehand, that we might walk in them (Eph 2:10). He calls us to walk with Him, in His presence. As we do, we walk into what He has prepared beforehand. Who does the works that we walk in, in His presence? He does. Without Him, we can do nothing; but for Him, nothing is impossible.

Sacrifice. Dig ditches. Be diligent. Be blessed.

Transporting the Tabernacle

Not a tame Lion

In Numbers 3-4 we read of the specific tasks allotted to the Levites. Unless our Bible study resources take us to the books of the Law, we (or is it just me??) tend to pass over these sections of Scripture in favour of the sweeping narratives of Samuel and Kings, the beauty and the raw emotion of the Psalms, the wonders of the prophets and of course the Grace-filled New Testament. But if we want to encounter the holiness of our God we will find Him above the place of atonement in the tabernacle of Moses. We too easily humanise our Heavenly Father. Yes, He is Abba. Yes, He welcomes us into His arms. Yes, He sings a song of love over us. But His accessibility by the blood of Jesus and His presence among us does not dilute the awesomness of His majesty. As C.S. Lewis famously said in the Chronicles of Narnia, He is not a tame lion. While we inhabit our tents of flesh we cannot see Him as he is (1 John 3:2), but this does not diminish who He is among us. Because Grace had not been given (one could say that Moses was the exception) the Levites only had a detailed set of regulations to keep them safe from destruction as they carried out their duties. The power that emanates from His being and permeated through all the sacred objects is like the electricity coursing through overhead power cables: touch it and you die. Such was – such is – the power that if any of the Kohathites, whose job was to transport the ark on their shoulders, even looked at a part of the load that was not their designated area, they would be destroyed. When God was allocating the tasks He gave specific instruction to Moses regarding the Kohathites “that they may live and not die when they approach the most holy things.”

The pure perfection of creative love that made and powers the Universe is not cuddly daddy. This is the power that raised Jesus from the dead. This is the cable that is coiled inside our spirits. Because we have the insulation of the blood of Jesus we can grasp the power line, but because we can grasp it without being destroyed does not diminish it at all: it just gives us an understanding of the power the blood of Christ.

Gifted for Service

We are called into the Kingdom, and gifted for our service to the King, for the same purpose that our Old Testament counterparts were appointed to, which is to is to take the land. Romans 11:29 tells us that “the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” This was written about the salvation of the nation of Israel, but it applies to each one of us in the church today.

The Kohathites, and the other two Levite families, the sons of Gershon and Merari, were given their tasks for a specific purpose: the Tabernacle where God dwelt among His people had to be transported into the promised land, where He planned for His holy presence to drive out the occupying  idolatrous Canaanites.  In the Old Testament, as in the New, the servants of God were appointed tasks so that the works of the evil one could be destroyed and the Kingdom of God established in the Land. As we move forward in the giftings and ministries that we feel God has called us into let us be aware of the holiness of the tabernacle that we are carrying.

A Caleb Spirit

“But there are giants!” whimpered all the leaders except Joshua and Caleb. And indeed there were. But it seemed like those giants knew more about the power and presence of God than the Israelites He was dwelling among: “They have heard that You, LORD, are among these people; that You, LORD, are seen face to face and Your cloud stands above them, and You go before them in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night.” (Num 14:14) We know the story. Caleb and Joshua knew their God: “Only do not rebel against the LORD, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the LORD is with us. Do not fear them.” (Num 14:9). Sadly, their compatriots didn’t. Caleb, we are told, “had a different spirit”. Joshua had an insatiable hunger for the presence of God, which we read about in Exodus 33v11: “So the LORD spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. And he would return to the camp, but his servant Joshua the son of Nun, a young man, did not depart from the tabernacle.” When God speaks of Caleb and Joshua the phrase He uses is that they “wholly followed the Lord.” They were yoked to Him.

For us to take the Land that God has led us to, wherever and whatever it is, two things are needed. We need that Caleb spirit, that knows that whatever the difference in strength and power may be between ourselves and the giants we face, that pales into insignificance when compared to the difference between those giants and the God who is with us. And we need to realise that it is not us who take the land, but God, by the supernatural power of His Holy Spirit. There will be giants, and giants can only be defeated supernaturally. If we, the church, will transport the holy presence of God into enemy-occupied territory, the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. God will clear the ground before us and we will sow seeds that bear fruit. What a high calling! And what satisfaction, what rest for the soul, to know that I am carrying my bit of the Ark on my shoulders.