Nudges and closeness

I have picture inspired by my cat while it was circling me and occasionally nudging me whilst I was sitting in the garden. I felt God saying through this:  “At this time I am  protecting you and guarding you all. I will be nudging my people, and this will be different for everyone.  Sometimes it’s a nudge to say it’s ok I’m with you, a comforting nudge; for others it’ll be like a nudge saying “It’s time to move.” 

Also, as He is the Lion  of Judah,  I felt that through the cat image  God was also saying: “Cats don’t need our attention just as God doesn’t need our affection, but also, just like cats that sense when we need them and come close to us, the Holy Spirit does the same with us.”

(From Jake)

We know that scripture says He will never leave us nor forsake us, but what Jake is underlining here is that there are times when we really need to know that in our experience, then He lets us know how close He is.

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