Fire Kills Viruses

Call down the Fire!

A Fire goes Before Him

Back in Acts 2 and this time verse 4 we see that this fire released the gift of tongues and, of course, whilst being a way to privately communicate with God and a way to worship in spirit and truth, yet tongues are also a weapon against the things that are contrary to the Kingdom of God. Sometimes, in prayer, it is as though we are firing off a machine gun in the spirit against the demonic work of the enemy; I feel sure this will have happened to many of you who are filled with the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Spirit brings that fire; it brings power; it brings refining and it destroys evil. I’m saying it over and over again on purpose.

So, as I was praying, I saw something of what we should do in this current crisis. This fire is the very presence of God that can burn up the enemies. We need to pray down the presence; we need to pray down the fire on this plague; we also need to see that the fire of God is within us and as we speak, as we declare, as we pray, as we command the situation, this fire will kill the plague. Father will also cover us by the blood of Jesus so that we will not be affected by fire, of course, as we release our prayers , especially in tongues.

Psalm 97:3-5 “a fire goes before Him and burns up His enemies… the mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord.” The fire, the presence, burning up the enemies; we are getting the picture now. Psalm 18:8, a “devouring fire from his mouth”. Psalm 68:1-2 “Let God arise and his enemies be scattered… as wax melts before the fire”. God is this very presence; the Holy Spirit within us is the fire. The blood protects us, cleanses us makes us righteous and acceptable in His sight and therefore the fire does not burn us; in fact the fire can live within us. I remember the words of Jeremiah, “His word was in my heart like a burning fire”. So, I say again, we need to call down the fire of the presence of God, the anointing. It is the presence of God that will destroy this plague; the fire of the Holy Spirit within you can kill the plague. The fire of God around you will protect you, by the blood of Jesus, and the fire released when the Holy Spirit Himself speaks through your mouth in tongues, when praying in spiritual warfare, can destroy this plague and virus.  We need to believe that the fire of God is within us and around us and will burn up God’s enemies!

The Missing Piece

The Holy Spirit is the missing piece I once saw when I was doing a jigsaw puzzle with Carole. Yes, it would seem to have been a very mundane thing; it was a jig-saw of the Christopher Columbus going to the new world, the new territory. It was a prophetic jigsaw puzzle, in effect, and one piece was missing. I could not understand why the Lord would give me a prophetic jig-saw picture, so important for this present ‘new day’ and ‘new season’ in God, with a piece missing, so we actually prayed to find the missing piece. That day we were visiting a local charity shop and there in the window was the same jigsaw puzzle. We bought that jigsaw, found the piece and put it into the jigsaw we were doing. God had provided the missing piece, but I still asked the Lord: “if this is a prophetic jig-saw, then what does this missing piece represent in today’s new day? Why is it missing and exactly what is missing from where? 

Then the Lord showed me: the power of the Holy Spirit has been locked out of many churches and out of the lives of many believers.  The Holy Spirit is, and brings, the fire! He, the Holy Spirit, is the jigsaw piece that’s missing.  Today we must see this revelation and pray for the restoration of this fire right across the body of Christ; the restoration of the Holy Spirit so that Christians can demonstrate the Kingdom of God instead of just speaking words.Paul said he did not just come “with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power”.

The quest for the Presence of God

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