Story Time

This morning I was reading “The Gruffalo” to Isobel, my 2 yr old granddaughter, over zoom, and my heart was breaking because I couldn’t have her on my lap and read to her properly. All I wanted was to be there with her and scoop her up. I felt the Lord spoke to me afterwards. He said something like this: “That’s just how I feel about you. All I can do is read you my story. But my heart is aching for the time when we can be together properly.”

We can think about being prepared for the return of Christ in terms of the events that will take place on Earth before He comes; what it means for the church; and what it will mean for us if we are around on that momentous Day. How often do we think about what Jesus feels; about His longing and His anticipation?

This morning was the first time we had done this little zoom meeting, and already I can’t wait for the next one. Isobel loved it: Lisa has just sent me a video of Isobel reciting  the beginning of the story. Apparently she has been doing it all afternoon.

Jesus can’t wait till He finally returns and scoops up His bride. There’s some time until that finally happens, and only the Father knows how long that will be; but meanwhile He is already looking forward to the next time you sit down with Him and He reads you His story, and He is absolutely thrilled whenever you spend your time reciting bits of it. Make it last as long as you can, and look into His eyes as you do.

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