The Words of Darkness Are Cancelled

Below is a prophetic word from Geoff Pick, founder of the Facebook group Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival.

Geoff writes: As a small group of us gathered on zoom to seek God and share prophetic words with others. The Holy Spirit was answering my prayer of the last few days to reveal the heart of heaven concerning the present moment of crisis. A sister shared that she sensed the angel of revelation was present to speak. Below is what the Holy Spirit is expressing concerning His call to us at this present moment. Please weigh and respond to His call as it speaks to you. You are of course free to share this as you are led.

Image reproduced from Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival

The Spirit of God has come to reveal the hidden work that goes on all around us. The decades of grace lasted long and these days of abundance lasted long, yet the hope of heaven become dim and distant in those days of peace and safety. The enemy had quietly been sending sleep on many busy lives and time for treasuring God alone became rare for so many of my own.

The plague has been an alarm to call the sleeper to awaken. The moment for many to seek the Lord of all. The Spirit of death has said, “let the children of God be deceived in this time of uncertainty”. While a few are reckless with their own safety and the welfare of others, others sit in fear of the powers of darkness. Many voices cause much noise on the subject of the plague, bringing contention and distraction.

I’m not calling you to absorb words that dishearten you. I want you to continue with confidence in my promises, deepening your prayer life and stretching your faith in me for the coming harvest. As the world loses its busy momentum and pleasures, I am detaching my people from these former distractions. Now is a time for strengthening you, the body of Christ, and for each one of you to come to me and surrender wholeheartedly.

The present season in the world brings days of uncertainty. I am calling you my own to experience the reality of resting and rooting down in me. Trust me to guide, lead and provide, as the difficult times continue to ebb and flow.

My body is to be strengthened and envisioned for battle. Prepare your swords for advance. You are not to fear the darkness, as my victory sits ahead, you shall see my Kingdom moving forward step by step. There is a vast road ahead of conquest and battle – stand together – led by my Holy one, the walls of the enemy have already been commanded to fall before you who walk before me.

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