Clear the Cobwebs!

Let there be light…

During our intercession for the Nation meeting last week I felt the Lord say that he was clearing the cobwebs out of number 10 Downing Street: there were cobwebs in the corners of the rooms, up the stairs and in the bedrooms. There were cobwebs across the windows of the cabinet room. They were cobwebs of religion and error woven over the years by the powers of evil that have been resident there at different times. I saw a cobweb brush with long handle reaching up into all the corners and clearing the cobwebs. I sense that there is an angel on the stairs directing the operation. There is an urgency, as when a dignitary is shortly to arrive and the place is still dirty. “Clear the cobwebs! Clear the cobwebs!” he says. “Scrub the stairs! Let in the light! Let the house be cleaned up so God’s decrees can be given!”

And the light will come into the seat of government so that it can go out from there into the nation.

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