The Tall Building

We sit up and take notice when the unexpected happens. When the same unexpected thing happens twice we should really be doing something about it. God has recently spoken a very similar word through two people, both in unexpected ways, within 24 hours of each other.

One person in our group (Anne) who doesn’t normally receive prophetic dreams, had the following prophetic dream. She was in a tall well-lit building on a hill, with other people. There were different things going on in different parts of the building. Those that she was with were speaking negative words: not a big argument, but bickering and negative small talk about things that were of no importance. Anne decided to leave the building and go for a walk down the hill. As she walked she saw a grey mass at the bottom, that looked like a tidal wave. It was approaching her. As it got nearer she saw that it was not a tidal wave of water, but more like a mudslide. She turned round and started running back towards the building, but the mudslide caught up with her. Nevertheless she managed to keep her head above the water and continue to breathe, and then she was on dry ground because the mudslide could go no further up the hill. She went back inside the building, where people were still bickering and speaking negative words about inconsequential matters. Anne cried out to them: “Stop! You shouldn’t be speaking like this! Just look outside the window at what is going on!“

David, who “never” get spiritual pictures, received the following picture in the spirit: he was seeing an empty expanse of featureless grey, that was moving slightly. It made him think of ashes. He described the movement as the sort of spent activity that you see on a sheet of paper that has burnt to ash but is still moving slightly with the heat. Compare that to the grey expanse of Anne’s mudslide, as it would be after it had stopped advancing. He looked out over this grey expanse of devastation, and a tall building emerged out of it, with lots of windows, and full of light.

The tall building and the tide of destruction, whether it was ashes or mud, clearly represented the same thing: the building was the church, and the devastation represented what is going on in the world. We asked the Lord for clarification of this message in our school of prophecy, and felt that He showed a “before and after” interpretation. In Anne’s dream we see a church where members are looking in at themselves in a negative and worldly fashion, and are not aware and not focused on what God may be doing through the destruction and devastation that is happening in the world. In David’s picture the grey tide had engulfed everything, including the building in Anne’s dream, but then a new building, tall and strong, arose out of it. This is the end time church, strong in the Lord and victorious. Those who are in this building are those who have looked outside themselves and have seen what God is doing; have left the negatives and self-centred bickering behind just as Anne left the building in her dream, and have kept their focus on the Lord and His kingdom purposes. They are the ones who survived the grey sea and who are a light to the nations in the last days.

Finally, it would appear that we aren’t the only ones that the Lord is speaking to on this theme. I received this yesterday:

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