God is changing the game boards (Prophesy)

I feel that I saw God changing the game boards. I believe He says:

“I am taking away the old game, which was a race game, a snakes and ladders game, a game of follow my leader, where the leader was the player in front and not me. I’m taking this board away, and all the pieces on it will topple over as I remove the board. And I’m putting a new board down where my people will play my game, and not one of their own making. It’s a spinner game. At the centre of the board is the cross, and all around the board is my presence. I am the one who spins the spinner, and when I spin, it will land on whoever I am calling at that moment to speak my words or carry out my acts. There are no ups and downs because all the players are seated in heavenly places, there is no forward and back and no-one is in front of or behind another; there are no miss a go or have another go spaces. There is one space only and that is the space that My presence fills. Keep your eyes on the cross and be ready for the time when the spinner might land on you. When it does, my anointing and my presence will be so strong that you will give no thought to promoting yourself, but will only think of drawing people to me. Those whose hearts are crying out for this game are the ones I will place on the new board immediately. Those on the old board who cannot play it yet, I will remove so that I can remind them of the rules, which are simple and have not changed since I first gave them to My Church. The new game is called ‘The unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.’ We will all be playing it together when I return.“

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