Come up Higher

The Lord is inviting us to come up higher. I believe He says “Come higher up the mountain, where the air is fresh and untainted, and the ground is white with snow. The higher you come in your love and service to Me, the more I will show you how low you can descend in your love and your service to your brothers and sisters. For I descended from the greatest of all heights to the lowest of all depths, to death on the cross, out of love for you and love for my Father. And the lower you descend in your love and service of one another the higher I will take you up my holy mountain. And as you rise up higher you will see more from my perspective, and more of my plan and vision for the world. You will see how, even in the fires and devastation of the crucible of war, I am working out my purposes for my Kingdom on Earth, and you will see how all things are working together for good for those who love me and are called according to My purpose.

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