Books by Bob Hext

(Publisher: Malcolm Down Publishing)

Two Seconds to Midnight:
How to be ready for God’s next move

Available from the publisher, Christian bookstores, Amazon, or directly from our own store. Price £UK 10.99

The world is changing. We don’t know what God’s plans are or what His timetable is: all we know is that one day Christ is returning for His bride, and He has told us that we need to be ready.

From the introduction:
“When a child is out with a parent with a deadline to meet – a train to catch, for example – we can expect to see the same parenting strategy employed again and again: “Hold my hand!” And as the child holds the parent’s hand, she knows that she isn’t going to get lost or left behind. She knows she’s safe; she knows she’s loved. And the parent who loves that child and who has a plan for them both also knows two things: she is safe, and the plan is on track.

We have a deadline, a train to catch. Jesus is calling out to us to focus; to stay close to Him. He doesn’t just ask us in Scripture to hold His hand: He asks us to do something that is more solid and safer still. He says to us “Take My yoke upon you . . .” If we remain yoked to Jesus we will not lose our way: we will be where He wants us to be, when He wants us to be there.”

Two Seconds to Midnight is an exploration of Matthew 11 vs 29-30: “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” The book combines penetrating study of scripture with prophetic insight and personal testimony from the author’s life.

“Bob Hext is a great storyteller and his testimony is a profound example of the wonderful grace of God. His illustrations are brilliant, illuminating truth and gripping the imagination. His passion for holiness shines through, and it is one of the biggest needs in the church today.” 

(David Fellingham, Songwriter, New Frontiers Church leader, and Author of “To the Praise of His Glory” and “The Unveiling: What the Book of Revelation Says About our World Today”)

“How refreshing to read a book filled with precious gems from the treasure chests of heaven. Two seconds to Midnight, from the first page to the last, captivates your heart, challenges you to go deeper, and helps you walk one day at a time. This book will be one that when you finish it and put it on your bookshelf, you will take it down, again and again, for the treasure that it holds will be like fresh manna.”

Reverend/Prophet Malcolm Sim
Fire Ministries International
House of the Prophetic

To read an extract. click this link: Transporting the Tabernacle.

Wheat in the Winepress
How the story of Gideon can help us fight the good fight today

Available from the publisher, Christian bookstores, Amazon, or directly from our own store. Price £UK 9.99

Many Christians feel that the spiritual battle in Heavenly Places is hotting up, and that while the world is teetering on the brink of chaos, Jesus is building an army that will demonstrate the mighty power of the cross and bring many to salvation. Wheat in the Winepress walks in the footsteps of Gideon as God leads him and his 300 warriors into the place of victory.

“An inspiring read about victory, practical spirituality, and the life of faith, Wheat in the Winepress will invigorate your faith, stir your hope and bring wisdom to your life. I love Bob’s easy-reading style, that takes spiritual realities and powerful mysteries and makes them understandable to the every-day reader. Be ready to be transformed as you read!”
Jarrod Cooper, Senior Leader, Revive Church, Hull, England.

“Using vivid illustrations out of his own experiences from decades of following Jesus, Bob makes the Biblical story of Gideon come alive for today.”
Jeremy Simkins, leader of Christ Central churches (part of New Frontiers).

“Bob Has captured the atmosphere of the life of Gideon. It is as though he has climbed into the man’s heart and mind and pulled out descriptions, discoveries and revelations that are so relevant to our lives today. I would highly recommend this volume.”
Andrew Baker, founder, Make Way Ministries.

“Wheat in the Winepress is an inspirational exploration of the work of God’s Spirit in the heart and life of the committed believer. Whilst author Bob Hext uses as his source the journey of Gideon – from the winepress to become a warrior – the book is equally rooted in his own inspirational journey. Spiritual truth on every page is made real in practical stories from Bob’s life as a school teacher, entrepreneur, prophet, father and husband. Bob is a radical and anyone called to radical sold-out discipleship should read this book.” 
Graham RussellElder, Wildwood Church, Stafford.

“This book brings the promises of the Bible to life, being full of practical examples that will help you to overcome challenges. I recommend this book to anyone who wants God to miraculously move in the circumstances they are facing. As you read this book, you will move into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and as you do that, you will be mightily blessed.”
Anthony Wolseley-Wilmsen, founder, Childrens’ Aid

To read an extract
Click the green text link to read the extract Putting out a fleece,” and explore the depths of this well-known story from Gideon’s call to be a warrior of the Lord.

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