“My Body is not in shape.”

Jake received this word earlier in the week, at about the same time as the Lord was speaking to me about the golden shields. It is worth reading them together.

Jake writes: I saw the Lord weeping. I asked the Lord why He was weeping, and He said this: “I am weeping over My body, for it is not in shape.”

I asked the Lord what He meant by this, and I felt Him say: “Large parts of My body still love sin and only dislike the consequence of sin. I am using this time for a spiritual self -examination, where busyness has hidden the real you.  I will be highlighting motives and thought patterns that are contrary to My way.

I am doing a new thing: I am putting in my people who seek my face an aversion to sin and I will be restoring a JOY to my people that will be far greater than the short lived joy of sin.

My church for far too long has not heeded the warning from the Israelites in the desert, where I supplied them with manna to eat, yet they took their eyes of me and became complacent, took my provision for granted and became greedy. Trying to provide for themselves they forgot I had provided for them.  And hence I caused the food I provided that they had stored up to become inedible, to bring then back to me.”

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