Spiritual Warfare (SOP 19 Sept)

Jakes thoughts on how we respond to the battle in the Heavenlies.

What I sense the Lord is saying

1) that He is searching for a church that will “Go ye.” What I mean by that is not waiting for people to come to us, but going to the gates ourselves.

2) He is searching for a church that will stand up and say, “enough is enough.”

3) I believe that for those of us who are intercessors this is going to be ramped up to a point where we won’t be in a place of asking the LORD for things to happen our prayers; we will be decreeing things into being. We as a church will finally grasp the spiritual authority that we have been given.

4) We will see instant healing without prayer just as the disciples did.

5) We will have dreams and have visions of what the lord is doing, and be doing spiritual battle in these dreams and visions.

We are to be constantly listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit wherever we are and be prepared to stop when he says stop, and to pray speak to or decree, whatever that may cost us. This could be anything from as little as causing us to run late to imprisonment etc.

Accountability is going one of the defensive ways we can shore up our weaknesses.

 I saw the human army as I was praying. It was having to reshuffle extremely quickly as people were deserting their position, fleeing as they weren’t prepared to make a stand.  The battle lines were becoming thinner and thinner, and this was before we had even entered battle. But what I see is for every stronghold and demon that we bind, more people were being released and added to the battle, more than replacing the casualties.

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