How Deep are your Roots?

How deep are your roots? Are you ready?

I saw the trees shaking violently in the wind. Although the leaves were staying on the trees, dead branches big and small were crashing to the ground, reminding me of the hurricane we had in the south east in 1987 where even huge  ancient trees were were felled by the storm. I felt the Lord say several  things through this.

Firstly: how deep are your roots in My word and spirit? Have you got the spiritual agility to sway, or are you rigid? Are you ready for the great shaking?

Secondly: I’m not only overturning old Christian rituals so my people are flexible, but I am also starting to overturn ancient ways of the world. This is the beginning of the great shaking spoken of in  Luke 15 v 5.
Jesus is asking: “Are you truly grafted into me?”

I was then reminded of an article I read about the coronavirus. Surviving the virus is only the beginning as it can damage your lungs for life.  I believe the Lord was showing me that in the future the NHS will be over-run, so people will start to turn to the Lord asking for healing. That will be our opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and reveal God’s glory, As things are being shaken by the Lord, more and more people will be asking questions and wanting answers .

The Lord is saying: “Are your roots in me deep enough to withstand the shaking I’m doing? Are you firmly grafted into me? Are you ready?

Jacob Dominy

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