Aslan is on the move

Markus and I were talking about this week’s church family meeting a couple of days ago, and the book “The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe” came into the conversation. For those who don’t know the story (if you don’t, you must read it, however old you are. It’s a wonderful, Holy Spirit inspired piece of writing!), the land of Narnia is in the grip of an evil spell that has made it “always Winter, never Christmas.” Four children arrive through a magic wardrobe, and with a lot of help from Aslan – who represents Jesus – the children lead the army of Narnian talking beasts and various mythical creatures to defeat the witch who cast the spell and come into their destiny as kings and queens of Narnia. At the beginning of the story, one of the characters says “Aslan is on the move!” Soon after that, the thaw begins, Father Christmas comes with gifts, and the battle for Narnia commences. Markus quoted  “Aslan is on the move!”, and I felt as he spoke that the Lord wants to say this to us as a church. Here is what I feel He is saying in more detail:

“At the moment it seems that you are frozen in a coronavirus Winter. But trust Me to provide for you in this time, and allow Me to prepare you for what is to come. I will prepare and strengthen your hearts, and I will also bring you gifts that will equip you for the unique part you will have to play in the battle that is to come. For I am on the move, the thaw is coming and Winter will be over; but battle is coming also. Know that I will be with you in the battle, and in My strength you will be victorious and you will come into the plans that I have for you and for My church.”

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