Search and Rescue

Who do you know who has left the church, or doesn’t seem to have been around lately?

There have been two prophetic words recently from different people about helicopters rescuing people from a battlefield. We are in a time of spiritual battle. This isn’t limited to this present time, because it has been true ever since Satan was cast out of Heaven; but it seems to be intensifying now. Jesus won the war at the cross, but there are still battles to fight and sometimes the Holy Spirit gives us specific strategies for victory, just as He did in the Old Testament with Joshua, David and others.

He is giving us a strategy now: we know this because two people (Jake, and John Groves who is a prophet in the New Frontiers church at Winchester) have had basically the same word. The strategy is Search and Rescue. Who do you know who seems to have disappeared from church? Not specifically gone from our church to a different one, but gone from church altogether. Maybe technology for online meetings is a problem, or maybe there have been other issues. Search for them in your mind, and in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of people who need rescuing. And when you have found them, pray that they are restored; and pray that whatever problems or temptations have caused them to fall away are dealt with.

The enemy comes to rob, kill and destroy; Jesus comes to bring life, and that in abundance (John 10:10). Search and rescue. Let’s do it.

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