At the crossroads

What God has shown me during lockdown is that I have to make a choice at every turn. It’s like a crossroads, or a T junction. Which way do I go? Do I choose the Lord’s agenda, or do I choose mine? So throughout the day, we come to many T junctions, and have to make a choice – for God, of for ourselves.

I have a craft hobby, which could take up all my time if I let it. There’s nothing wrong with the hobby, but sometimes it’s as if the Lord is saying to me, “Do you want this time for you, or for me?”  Sometimes He want us to give Him our time, and if we wait on Him, sometimes spending as long as an hour or so at a time in His presence, He will show us His heart for other people as well as what His agenda is for us. And just being in His presence like that is always a blessing.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and you tube videos. I’ve just been listening to one by Tim Keller, talking about the dangers of letting things take over our lives. God is giving us the opportunity to focus on Him right now, not on things which could easily take over.

From Sue Simmonds

(Note from Bob – Tim Keller is a well-respected pastor of a big church in New York, and author of many books. I’ve read a couple, including “Counterfeit Gods” which is  an excellent account of modern idolatry.)

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