Fire Kills Viruses

The Upper Room

So, here we are during this pandemic, we are staying in our houses. We are all being asked to stay in, to stay at home. Many people, including believers, are looking and saying ‘Oh! how many weeks, how many days am I going to be stuck inside? Shall I mark it of the calendar day by day like a person in prison may do? However, as believers, perhaps we are missing the point and the opportunity. When we were discussing this in the last ministry team meeting spent in one place, Anna (Bob’s note – the same Anna who wrote the piece “You have not been this way before”) commented and said “but this is the very purpose to stay in the house”. Here we have Passover coming now, then after that the feast of unleavened bread.  Then we have a period 40 plus days (50 in total, of course) leading up to Pentecost during which the apostles and other believers stayed in the upper room waiting for the fire to fall. They didn’t know what was going to happen or how it was going to happen, but the fire came when they were in unity, staying and waiting inside a building until the fire fell!

 Now we are in the same position; creation is groaning for this breakthrough; we are all locked into our buildings, as it were. This is the time to be crying out to God for the presence, for the fire, for the holiness of God to come to burn, to purify, to destroy the enemy and to bring God’s power and enabling to those who will receive the Holy Spirit and His fire back into their churches and into their lives. This will then give power to believers, breathing fire, as it were, in conversation, in prayer, in declaration, in prophecy, in evangelism and in worship. The fire will go forth; it will enable the believer to do his or her job; it will burn up the power of the enemy and it will purify and cleanse what has been spoiled.

Yes, our God is a consuming fire and He will build a wall around believers and around the church and around Israel too. He will appear as fire from within you and around you. His fire will go forth before Him and will destroy his enemies, and we can be sure of one thing from all of this destruction and burning and cleansing and refining and destroying of the enemy: there will come a powerful revival! There will come upon the earth the Kingdom of God in power. There will come upon the earth a release of resources that have, for many years, had to serve the devil’s work. There will come Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords to take His place, amen.

Let us call on the fire of God in these days and see the end of this plague, a solution for believers and new converts too to come through the days ahead in victory, and the return of the Lord Jesus to carry out all that is promised in the word. So be it. Passover to Pentecost; will you be ready for the fire?

Andrew Baker
Makeway Ministries

The quest for the Presence of God

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