Give me your rubbish

We often talk about “The Father’s Heart” but it is not so often that we actually feel it. Clearly the intensity and depth of God’s emotions would overwhelm us – we would be like ants in the Atlantic – but when He reveals something of His emotions, even at an ant level, we need to pay attention.

When Jake was given the following word, he says he felt something of God’s heart breaking as He pleads with His Church to dump their rubbish and turn back to Him wholeheartedly. The last dream that Dana Coverstone reported showed that persecution of true believers would come from those within churches who did not accept the Christian message in its entirety. God is calling passionately to His Church to dump the rubbish that is in our hearts and our belief systems, and come back to the purity of the Gospel that unites us to Him.

Jake writes:
“A bin lorry came while I was  praying on my break.  My thoughts were: “Go away!”  But then the lord spoke to me with this picture and word for the church, both locally and the wider church.

The image of the bin lorry was like magnified 100 x at least. The noise was irritating; but the banging and clattering that I saw and heard in the natural was all being magnified hugely. I felt the Lord  say: “I am sending round my bin lorry to individuals and churches.

I want to take away all your rubbish. Have you swept and sorted out the houses of your lives and my church? Yes it will be irritating, annoying, disturbing and even painful. Are you bins full? Are you ready for me to collect your rubbish? Are you ready? For I’m looking for a people holy and set apart for me.

Are you ready for my spirit to break in?”

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