The vision of a theatre

This is a prophesy that Andrew Baker received a few years ago and that the Holy Spirit quickened again to him just recently. As Andrew says at the end: “Many have prophesied it, but now it is upon us. This is truly the season of moving out of the old and into the new.”

Andrew writes:
Several times, over the years, I have received a vision of a theatre. I sense that this vision was prophetic of the time we are now living in, especially from now until, and including, Pentecost. It was of the interior of a theatre with the curtains down, waiting for the show to begin. All was in place behind the curtain ready for the proceedings, but people were still taking their places in the auditorium which was filled with those called to play a part in the new: those who would go on with God. They were being positioned by God to receive revelation of the matter and their part in it. Here is a part of the descriptive text from that vision:

“The whole theatre set appeared as filled with God’s glory, and for those who took the trouble to watch and attend to what God was showing and doing, the greatest blessing came. (This didn’t indicate that everyone should completely cease from every work that they were involved in, but rather that they should pay attention). As the curtain would lift there would come a day when suddenly the fullness of the glory of God would shine over all who were in the auditorium.

There were some empty seats where the people who were called to attend, but chose not to, should have sat. Instead, these people insisted on continuing ‘good’ or ‘religious’ activities which were part of their old calling. Other seats were empty where people had arrived as called but had got impatient with the waiting time and had left.

This covering of the glory would be like Pentecost. The fire of God would rage and burn up all the old. I saw charlatans appearing in this fire as hollow creatures. Many in the auditorium had already shed the old or were in the process of laying it down, this was burned up by God’s fire and then they received this powerful covering of the Glory on them, thus taking them into a new dimension of anointing and enabling for service.

Revelation is now coming of the new and it becomes clearer and clearer as the days go by. Jesus would again become the focus of leaders and of the church, and revelation of new callings would come. Understanding of God’s vision would come to leaders and called ones, because this glory would enable them to make a fresh start at a higher level in the Spirit.

When this mighty coming, infilling, impartation, envisioning and anointing of God’s glory had penetrated and permeated all who were seated in the auditorium (and this was over a period of time), the doors of the theatre were opened and the leaders and saints were let loose on the earth, filled with such glory and enabling that they could handle their part in the latter day harvest. The equipping was all in ‘the glory’ and not in systems. This equipping was stirred up, received and understood in full by those who took the time to answer God’s call to the theatre and pay attention to this matter. Out of the glory came salvation and healing. It did not come from man’s systems and ideas from the soul, nor out of old callings from God, but out of the glory and anointing which God poured on those who took the trouble to discern these matters and who took their place in the auditorium. These sat and watched as the revelation of God’s new moves came into view on the stage. These were touched by the glory, understood the new direction and walked in it.

Many have prophesied it, but now it is upon us. This is truly the season of moving out of the old and into the new. Many are now being unearthed from their old situations and find themselves ‘in transition’ as their journey begins towards the new.”

On reflection, we see in this prophetic vision something of God’s ‘glory fire’ which will fall upon believers to empower them and we also see the future ‘destructive fire’ that will fall upon that and those that reject the Lord. The present season is to prepare us for the entirely new territory that we are now entering into. It is step one.

I do realise that everything prophesied about end times will not necessarily happen in the next few weeks, but I do believe that this is a very significant time on God’s calendar.

Andrew Baker

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