Words for wildwood

Thoughts on Psalm 23, from Jake Dominy.

Some interesting things that the Lord brought to my attention on this passage:

1st: He will guide us along the paths
We need to let the Holy Spirit guide us along the paths and not try and make our paths fit to what we think the Lord wants.

2nd His rod and staff comfort us
So as long as we are being guided by Him then the Lord said to me the staff tells us that He is control, and the rod is to tap us back onto the right path if we get distracted or start wandering away from His guiding.

3rd We will fear no evil
Then we won’t fear in the darkest of circumstances of life, and all the rest of the promises in this passage are actually conditional on us allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Comment from Bob:
I thought this was yet another word from the Lord on the subject of “New Paths” – see especially “You Have Not Been this way before” “Making All things New” and “The Old Has Gone”. The same message is coming in all sorts of ways. Are we hearing it??

The quest for the Presence of God

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