The Cage and the Building

Susie Molina and Jarrod Cooper both received a “word for 2021,“ posted UK Prophetic Releasers facebook page and on Jarrod had a dream in which many of “his” congregation streamed out of the church while he was at the front leading the meeting: when he asked the Lord why this was, he was told that they were leaving in order to go out on the streets and preach the gospel. The dream was an illustration of the words “The Church has left the building.” Susie, in the two visions “The caged lion and the staircase” writes of the church as a tired, weakened lion lying in a cage with the door open – free to leave but choosing to remain. “…Due to his long confinement, the lion had not been mentally and physically prepared and fit to see the enemy attack come and deal with it well because he had forgotten how to respond like a true lion in the wild. Chosen confinement, false comfort and increasing apathy had compromised and dulled his natural responses.”

As I read these two messages I saw that the two are closely coupled: the “cage” is the “building.” Many prophetic voices are talking about a shaking of the establishment, about new equipping, new anointing, new release for ministry for the coming season, but I believe that central to all of this is the following:

God is doing a realignment of leadership in the church and will establish Ephesians 4:11-13 as a foundational principal of ministry. I believe the Lord says: “I am going to re-align the five-fold ministries with their original purpose. I did not give these ministry gifts to build my church. I will do that. They were not given for platforms and audiences, for I am your platform and I am your audience. I gave them ‘for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,’ so that all can go out and make disciples. For making disciples is the work of ministry. I build my church; you make disciples. In building, apostles were given to equip the saints to build; in prophesying, prophets were given to equip others to prophesy; evangelists to equip to preach the gospel, pastors to equip to lead, and teachers to equip others to teach and understand my Word. I am taking my church back, and I am releasing my ministry gifts to release others to make disciples in the power of my Spirit, and they will go out and make more disciples because they too have been equipped. Because this is how I have always planned it, and this is the time when you will see my plans being realised. Freely you have received; freely give. As you flow, you will grow. Where there were congregations within walls, there will be conflagrations of holy fire beyond the walls. This is how my glory will be revealed and how my Bride will come to maturity. I am restoring the wild instincts of the lion, and she will shake off her apathy and come out of the building that has caged her in for so long, and she will roar on the streets. And it is the roar of the Lion of Judah that will be heard.”

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