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The Old Has Gone…

That rainbow is spectacular, but this post is about the old dead tree right at the bottom of our garden. It is/was a eucalyptus, and was killed by the frost in a particularly hard winter some years back, but we have kept it as a haven for insects and the birds that feed on them. We’d planted it as a sapling about twenty years ago. Since the frost killed it a couple of boughs have fallen off over the years, but the main trunk has remained. Until this morning, when I walked down the garden to put some peelings on the compost heap and saw that it had finally gone: it had crashed down into the field behind and just left a rotten stump in the corner.

I’m not writing about it now because a rotten tree has finally been blown down in overnight strong winds, but because of the timing. Yesterday I posted “Behold, I make all things new,” and the day before that I posted Anna’s piece about walking a new path. The day before that I took the photographs of the little footpath I had never noticed in all the years I have driven past it. I noticed it because I was walking past it instead of driving. We need to hear what God is saying here: “I have slowed you all down to give you time to be still and know that I am God. I am doing new things, creating new pathways. If you will take this opportunity to spend time with me you will see them and you will walk in them. The old has gone. Do not look for it, for it is no longer there.”

The quest for the Presence of God

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