The Amazing Plane

A prophesy given to Andrew Baker, of Make Way Ministries
19 September 2020

My wife Carole sang the most beautiful song this morning in the Spirit. I came and sat quietly in the presence and the Holy Spirit gave me an amazing vision.

I was taken to an airfield, quite a large airfield, but clearly a military one, and I saw rows of jets, all the usual type of aircraft that are used in a war, lots of these that have been used for many years. Helicopters, large bombers, jets; all the usual conventional kind of aircraft. Many of the pilots were standing on the steps by their planes.

Suddenly a big hangar door opened on the right hand side of my picture and out was pulled the most amazing new aircraft I’ve ever seen. Its nose was down at the front, pointed down, stubby, not like the Concorde. It was long, like a passenger plane with windows and yet somehow it could be concertinaed into a small plane. The wings were very long and wide and yet somehow they too could be concertinaed into a small unit. It was a multi-purpose plane. One minute it looked like a fighter; there were guns all over it of the most amazing kind. I have never seen anything like it as a jet plane; yet, another minute it was a harmless looking humongous size passenger plane, obviously had bombing facilities there were right out of sight.

This was a plane that I think the world would call a ‘new generation’ of plane. This was just so amazing that all the pilots stood on their steps by their little jets and by their bombers with her mouths open, looking in amazement to see what this was. The public came against the fence around the outside of the airfield and they were all looking aghast! Everyone in the tower, yes, everyone was amazed. What is this amazing looking plane? It was a completely new weapon.

The Lord said to me that this represents you, it represents every individual in the body of Christ, those who will listen. It represents every group who will listen, every church, every business, every organisation or Association who will listen to what I’m saying in these days. It’s been like Jonah in the whale’s belly: the church, you, everyone who is listening and who is flexible and willing to do things My way, is in this situation. You have been like Jesus in the tomb, all waiting to come forth. When Jesus came forth, it was with a new authority and power even greater than anything He’d used on the earth! He was raised to the fullness of life as king of kings and Lord of lords with all authority and power in heaven and on earth.

It’s the same with Christians today who are listening to God. We’ve been in the hangar, out of sight, being prepared. Most of the conventional methods of preaching the gospel in the western world are no longer really working. Christians are trying to use the existing methods from the last season to deal with situations that are going on at the beginning of this new season, and, yes, of course, they are still useful but there is no longer the level of power needed.

These are the days when the devil is throwing everything at this world to try to stop Jesus returning. The power of darkness is trying to completely shroud the sun. The power of darkness is appearing and we think of it as Covid, as plastic pollution, as climate change, as financial collapse, as terrorism, as hackers, of wars, of floods, of fires, to mention but a few of the plagues on the earth at this time. The world is falling apart but these issues that we see now are just like pimples on the skin; we have not yet seen the skin break and the puss ooze out from under it yet. The devil is fighting his final battle to try and stop Jesus returning. We are living in those days. So, Christ has to raise up his church, just as he said he would, that will show and manifest who He really is to the powers and principalities of darkness – Ephesians 3:10, “…that now the manifold wisdom of God may be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places.”

This is the war, these are the days we are living in, but God’s people are being filled with power and rebuilt into a new form, as it were, for this battle. We will see God’s people getting stronger, God’s people going uphill as the world is going downhill. Favour and even provision will be upon the people of God who will listen, take heed and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit into this new season.

There needs to be a new level for the Christian today to impact what is going on in the world. The same Holy Spirit, the same Christ, just manifesting in a fresh way. Now Christ Jesus will come through His church in a power and authority not seen before in the earth, not even seen by religious leaders who will all stand aghast looking at this move of God. It will bring revival and reformation, restoration and renewal. It will bring change. It will bring light in the darkness and it will prepare the way.

The people of God will move in power and provision. They’ll find themselves in positions like Joseph, like Daniel. They’ll find themselves in all kinds of authority around the earth and people will look to them in order to see how to get out of the position that the world is in. They will bring people to the hope of life. This new move will be brought by Jesus Christ Himself through His church in these last days.

It will be because of His power, the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of angels, that these things will come to pass: “‘Not by might, nor by power (man’s power) but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.” (Zech 4:6).

The plane is ready to be brought out onto the runway now. So, now you know why you’ve been hidden, why as a leader you were asking ‘what do I do?’ ‘I can’t quite see, I can’t quite understand’. Of course, you wouldn’t understand. If you were told to be expecting to host and teach a group of people, to get ready for them, and last year and the year before you had 30 people for each event you held, then you would expect 30 people again, perhaps plus a few more. In the new season, maybe 1000 people suddenly arrive!!

If you were used to dealing with small devils and now a principality comes against you, you would not have been prepared unless the Lord had pulled you aside and rebuilt a completely new you in the Spirit! If you have always been used in a particular way in the kingdom, it may well surprise you that God may want to use you in a completely different way!

So it will be on the face of the earth that that which we are being prepared for right now is ‘out of this world’ and is, indeed from ‘out of this world’. It’s beyond our thinking, beyond our understanding. This is the new plane that now will emerge from the hanger… and then, after this last warfare, Jesus returns. Amen  

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