Time for a Refit

Below is a summary of some words that were given by different people at a prayer meeting on 8th Nov, where a group from Wildwood Church gathered (by zoom) with prophetic ministers from associated churches to seek God for vision and direction. It is subjective, obviously, but I have endeavoured to include all the threads that I remember. What is striking is how well these individual threads seem to fit together to make a single cord; a coherent message. Although the Holy Spirit was speaking specifically into the particular context of Wildwood  Church, I have a sense that this message is for the wider church as well.

“The plane is coming in to land. It needs an overhaul and a refit to be prepared for its mission.”

“Well done. I am very pleased with you.”

“I have a sense that the engine is revving up.”

“God is going to shake up the bouncy castle. People will be bounced around and end up in an unexpected place or next to an unexpected person, but no-one is going to fall off so don’t be fearful when it happens.”

“An artist uses all his palette for all the picture. If he uses a colour in one part of the canvas, it doesn’t mean he isn’t going to use it somewhere else too. Don’t be rigid in how you use different people, but be flexible and let the Holy Spirit have His way.”

“Don’t despise the “Peter” among you – the one who opens his mouth at the wrong time and has a habit of putting his foot in it, who somehow doesn’t quite “fit the mould.” Remember how Peter was transformed by the Holy Spirit.”

“Let your love increase.”

“Isaiah 42:3 ‘A bruised reed He will not break,
And smoking flax He will not quench.’ In God’s strength Simon the reed became Peter the rock’.”

“Jeremiah 12:5 ‘And if in the land of peace,
In which you trusted, they wearied you,
Then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?’” (Click the link to read the full article.)

I believe they go together something like this:

“Revival will soon be flooding your land. At the moment you aren’t ready for what’s coming, and you need a refit. You have flown very well, but now it’s time for an overhaul before the next flight because there will be new and greater demands on you. This means that some people will be moved into new positions and new relationships will be formed. Some people might find their giftings being used in new and unexpected contexts and new giftings might emerge. Even now you may be aware of an increase in spiritual activity as I prepare to for this work. And let your love increase as I pour out mine, not just to those around you, but to those among you. Because in the midst of all this, people whom you might overlook, who seem like bruised reeds to the natural eye, will be transformed into rocks as they yield to the power of my Spirit, and they will stand firm in the coming flood.”

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