The Battle Belongs to the Lord: Parts two and Three

Part Two
“I saw the angels arming up. They were picking up morning stars and flail type weapons.  The angels were too many to count. They were arming so quickly that they were in and out in a blink of an eye. Then I saw them in formation lining up for battle. The Lord is wanting us know the time is very near for us to attack. The Lord is saying that the flails and morning stars are for tearing down strong holds and defences.  He says: My people be ready.  I even felt that the angels that are messengers of peace were now arming up for battle. I felt that this was signifying two things.
Firstly, this is the Lord meaning business regarding waging war with the principalities and powers. And secondly, this demonstrates to us that it a far bigger battle than we will ever realise, and that we now need to shore up our weaknesses and stand as one with the Lord’s angel army leading the way. The roar of the Lion is near and the blast of the shofar trumpet is about to be heard.”

Part Three
“I saw angels moving into front lines of the battle. These angels were not arming up in the armoury and yet they were marching into position with no weapons. We lining up close to front of the angel army. The Lord told me that these are worshipping angels, and that their worship had to be close to the front of the battle as their praise and worship of the King, along with the huge angel army carrying morning stars and maces, would weaken the enemy defences.
  I also felt that this is how He wants His church: to line up with worship  and praise foremost in battle. There is a call to those who are creative to step forward; that creativity along with praise, worship and prayer are also to be at the front of battle lines as the church steps into this. Then when we hear the lion of Judah roar and the shofar sound, the church will march forward and take ground that is under the enemy’s influence.  The battle is going to be heavily fought and there will be many injuries.”

Jake Dominy.

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