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Passover to Pentecost

This is a time of preparation for the Church. This section focuses on the theme of being ready – for whatever God want to do next!

We are living in a key time right now, with unprecedented things happening around us. Many people are complaining about being ‘locked down’, ‘locked in’, but this is an extremely important season for believers, if we can catch it. This is the time to be ‘closed in’ with God prior to Pentecost. The season from Passover to Pentecost is a very important period. After celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord, remembering also how the Israelites were saved by the blood on the door lintels and we are saved by Jesus’ shed blood, we then continue through the rest of the days of unleavened bread and through the season that leads up to Pentecost.

This is the time of removing all the leaven; removing anything that is hindering our walk with God. This is the time for reflection when the Holy Spirit will work within our characters to correct matters and help us to be prepared for the new season ahead. He will give us revelation and fill us with all that is necessary in readiness for what is facing us and the world in the days ahead. He will then bring us to Pentecost and fill us with the fire of God, if we are prepared and ready. After that we move into the unknown!

We don’t know if we we are facing just one plague, coronavirus, or if there are more to come. We do know that the financial system will be in difficulty, which is something we are seeing even now. We also know that over the last 10 years or more God has been ‘preparing the way’ as many prophets and intercessors have made inroads in the spirit into the financial realm. So, in that area, we shall see the things of the world declining and the things of the people of God advancing. That is a subject for another day, but for now what we need to remember is how important this period from Passover to Pentecost is, and how critical it is in the purposes of God not just to feel ‘locked down,’ but to be ‘locked in’ with God getting ready for the times ahead.

The quest for the Presence of God

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