The three torches

(A prophetic dream given to Jake Dominy)

Jake writes: “Last  night the Lord gave me a dream of giant flaming torches, like  the ones at the Olympics, but far, far bigger. They were shining out light to all around them. But then three winds came, suction winds that were stretching the flames out backwards until the three flaming torches were completely sucked out. What I then saw was one torch flaming at the back, that had been lit from the other three flaming torches, although it was nowhere near as bright and did not give much light at all.

I felt the Lord say the three torches are the following:

1) The  gospel  of Christ
2) The power of the Holy Spirit. 
3) Christian morality.

The three suction winds that sucked them out were the media, education and politics. The process wasn’t sudden: the light was being sucked out slowly, gradually becoming less and less; and the one torch they lit was a new belief system in this country and maybe world wide. I believe the Lord took me into the spiritual realm to show me a demonic strategy that will take place if we continue to stand back .

If we feel that we can’t pray for our nation effectively, we can pray for  believers to have influence in these areas; and we can pray  that those who are not necessarily in influential positions will not bow to the pressure of the lies and myths that are being taught, and will be prepared to pay the price for being different.”

A Note from Bob

This vision of the three torches chimes strongly with what was shown recently to Dana Coverstone (as I have already recorded in a School of Prophesy post), who saw that vicious persecution will come upon church leaders who preach the undiluted and uncompromising word of God, particularly in relation to moral laxity and sinful lifestyles. (You can see the video here.)

God is telling us yet again to stand firm in the truth of the full gospel as it has been delivered to us in the Word of God. We must endure in the face of persecution and not give in to the temptation of believing – or preaching – a diluted, fluffy “gospel” that does not demand the commitments of true discipleship: holiness, faith, and a Spirit-led life of love.

It is significant that the dim light was lit by all three torches. It is what remains when the exclusivity of the message of Christ becomes the inclusive tolerance of a “multi-faith” message; when the power of the Holy Spirit is substituted with human spiritual endeavours such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation; and when Christian teaching on sexual morality caves in to pressure from liberal alignments.

God, of course, is not surprised: it is prophesied in 2 Tim 3 :5, where the apostle Paul call is “A form of godliness, without the power.” He is warning us today to beware of its insiduous reach.

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