“Wheat in the Winepress” by Bob hext

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Here are just a few “tasters” to whet your appetite from chapters on leadership, the Holy Spirit, hearing God, prophetic declaration and the Zeal of the Lord… Skip to the end for what some more senior leaders, local and national, have said about it.

From the introduction: “Two Windows”

I’m looking out of my window at the moment and see a uniform grey sky, with one hundred per cent cloud cover. The clouds aren’t the sky; they cover it. If the clouds weren’t there I would see clear shining blue. I think one of the biggest lies that the deceiver spins to the Church today is that the grey sky is all we can expect, and that any moments when there is a break in the clouds and we even see a bit of sunshine are going to be exceptions. We get used to the same old grey, and the clouds become our sky. Like Gideon threshing his wheat in the winepress instead of the threshing floor, we function, but we aren’t seeing God’s best. Yet when we look through the window of scripture or read accounts of revival past and present, what we see is definitely a blue sky over the New Testament Church and some of its more recent incarnations. And so the question arises: “Why don’t we see that in our own lives?”

There may well have been clouds that weren’t recorded. The apostles may have laid hands on people who didn’t recover. But even that thought can be an encouragement to us: if we press on we know that the sun will sometimes break through, because it did for them, and Jesus promised that it would for us. So if, like me, you see different views when you look through those two windows, and your heart tells you that they should have more in common; if, like me, you long for the action of the threshing floor but your experience seems to be hemmed in by the walls of the winepress, then I think you will find some encouragement in these pages to join me on a journey that leads to a different sky.

The quest for the Presence of God

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