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Fear and Face Masks

When I was out walking with Phoebe the Lord drew my attention to a cyclist wearing a face mask. And I felt the Lord give a warning, drawing my attention to a conversation I had at work about the masks, saying they give very short term protection to oneself and actually more protection to those around you.

I felt the lord saying that Fear is like a face mask: more than giving protection, the face mask can create confusion and lack of understanding in communication. The enemy seeks to deface my church through this virus, because fear hides the joy of my church and my people. I do not want my church hidden behind a mask of fear. I want you to know that fear is a key weapon of your enemy. Fear paralyses you and my body. The enemy has gotten hold of the media and is trying to paralyze my church, but I don’t want my people protected from the world: I want the world to see my joy, my hope and my love in them.

 I want my people and my body to be on the move and fearless, for I have given you a spirit of power love and a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

Jake Dominy 17/10/2020

Note from Bob: To see the face of the church that the enemy wants to cover up, watch the video on the next page! (Click on 2 below)

The quest for the Presence of God

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