Red Letter Days

When we were praying in our breakout groups this morning I felt the Lord say that the next few days are “red letter days” on His calendar. The battle in the heavenlies is intensifying (see Jakes post “The Battle Belongs to the Lord”, if you haven’t read it already). On the surface it can seem like there are two groups of people emerging in this lockdown: those who have more time on their hands and therefore seem to be in a better place to respond to the words about “preparation for the next move of God” that are around, and those who are so overwhelmed by the situation that they are now finding themselves in, that just surviving is a victory. But for all of us, whether we have more time for God, or whether we are run off our feet on the front line, 1 Cor 10:31 applies: “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We are never too busy or exhausted for the Holy Spirit to break in with a word for us, so If we can remember this verse during these “red letter days” we can be sure that our hearts are “good soil;” and then if God sows a word into our lives it will bring forth that extravagant fruit that we heard about in the service this morning.


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