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USA. Join the flotilla! Turn the dynamo!

Do not despise the day of small things

This morning I received a message from my friend Jake, who had just read the fiery buzzard post from yesterday. This is what he said:

“Bob, as to your dream I had a picture of a small boat which looked like a paddle board with a sail. The sail itself just looked like a feather. It was approaching America, paddled by what looked like a mouse. It was clearly a rescue boat. I looked and thought how can that rescue anyone.?

What heard the Lord say was: ‘Don’t despise the small things. As my people in the UK rise and pray, they will be that rescue boat among the many rescue boats sent out from around the world, praying and decreeing over USA.’”

When I read Jake’s message I thought immediately of Dunkirk, when a flotilla of over 800 motley small boats sailing back and forth across the English Channel rescued the allied forces from the clutches of Hitler. His armies had swarmed right across Europe and driven them right back to the coast. The rescue was only possible because of “unusually calm” weather: “The waters of the Channel are notoriously treacherous, which could have posed problems for the smaller boats, but thanks to a spell of settled weather the sea remained unusually calm with little more than a light breeze.” (From the BBC website) In addition to the unusual calm, smoke blown over the beaches by light Easterly winds screened the soldiers as they waited to be evacuated, and the beaches were obscured on the 28th and 30th May by cloud cover which preventing the Luftwaffe from bombing the Allied forces and their rescuers as they sailed across the Channel. The same clouds helped the RAF to engage the Luftwaffe in the skies.

The weather conditions that allowed the operation – codenamed “Operation Dynamo” were as supernatural as the parting of the Red Sea: with God’s help, around 338,000 soldiers were rescued.

Just like Hitler in May 1940, the enemy is of the opinion that he has God’s people in the USA on the run; pinned down against the sea where he thinks he will come and finish them off through the puppet presidency of Joe Biden. I believe that it is no coincidence that a major new film of Dunkirk was released only four years ago, and that Operation Dynamo itself was a prophetic event heralding what God would do by His Spirit in these times.

So do not despise the day of small things. You, your ministry, your prayer group, may only be a paddleboard with a feather sail propelled by a mouse, as is this website. But let us hear and spread God’s call to pray for the USA; let’s mount our paddleboards, set our feather sails to the wind and start the dynamo turning. Let’s get that flotilla launched and see God’s power at work.

Fire from the tower block: pray for the USA

On the morning of Saturday 11th of September I had a dream that I felt was from the Lord. It’s some time since I’ve had a dream that I felt compelled to write down, but I did on this occasion. This was the dream:

I was on top of what seemed like a tall building made of wooden bookshelves, and a buzzard with fiery wings came and landed right next to me. It was big – bigger than a normal buzzard. When it spread its wings they were on fire, and they spread the fire. They were wings of fire, fanning the flames that they had started. The fire spread from the top of the building, and some of the bookshelf storeys started to burn and collapse, but not all of them. I wasn’t hurt by the fire and felt no desire to put it out; I just wondered at it. After the fire, the building/bookcase still stood, even though structurally that would’ve been impossible. Likewise some of the books had gone, and some remained.

The same afternoon Anne told me about a dream that had been submitted to Rick Joyner by a pastor that he is associated with. The dream was of Fire coming out of the top of a New York tower block. Rick felt that with the dream came an urgency to pray.

It seems that there is a strong connection between the two: my large brown bird of prey may well have been an (American) Eagle, and not a buzzard. Given the imprecise nature of dreams and who I am – a UK bird lover – it’s more likely that I would have seen it as a buzzard, particularly as I had been processing some of my photographs of a buzzard that day. But the main connection is the fire starting at the top of the tower block.

In the dream I felt that the fire was burning out rotten wood. In other words, it was burning out corruption. Although I have some ideas, I don’t have a clear interpretation of what the books were, and why the building was a bookcase. If any reader does, please share!

It seems strange that God gives this to me, over here in the UK, a little-known prophet hundreds of miles away, but I can only assume that there is someone reading this in the USA whom the Lord is calling to pray, and He is asking the rest of us to stand with you.

But it doesn’t end here. I wasn’t at work yesterday, so I opened my work emails today. Not all emails sent to my work inbox are about work: one was from a Christian friend  who forwarded a link to me on Saturday – the same morning that I had the dream and that Anne read the message from Rick Joyner. This is the link: https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/america-an-urgent-prophetic-warning/

It’s  a message given to UK prophet Veronika West. To save you clicking off, here it is in full.

An Urgent Prophetic Warning for the United States of America!

“Code Red! Code Red! Mayday, Mayday… Mayday…!”

Suddenly and out of nowhere this evening, I heard an Alarm Bell ringing very loudly in the realm of The Spirit, which immediately felt like a Fire Drill.

I use those words — Fire Drill — because when I heard the sound of the Alarm Bell, It was released to me as a “secret” that was being revealed ahead of time.

This secret came out of the deeper and hidden realms of The Spirit by The Spirit of Revelation, (I hope this makes sense) and though it came very suddenly and unexpectedly, when my spirit connected with the sound, it carried the weight of a Prophetic Warning with Revelation, that demanded an urgent prayerful response.

On hearing the sound, I also felt the weight of God’s Grace and Mercy upon within it as it was a Warning ahead of time — to be prepared — as this was a pre-planned and strategic move of Satan that would try to be fully implemented in the days ahead.

But!…if the remnant will pray now, from a place of Faith and not out of fear, this pre-planned and carefully orchestrated move of the enemy can and will be fully exposed and completely dismantled.

Now, after hearing the loud and sudden Alarm Bell ringing in the realm of The Spirit, I heard these Words, ”Code Red! Code Red! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Watch!

For Martial Law…. yes, Martial Law, shall be a strategic move by the forces of darkness in the days ahead to further mobilise and advance their demonic agenda.

But nay! Nay, I say.. for as My Remnant rises up in this hour to Pray and seek My Face and rightly position themselves, I shall fully expose the plot that seeks to stop a Nation from moving forward, and I shall bring forth a swift and severe counter attack that shall thwart and bring to nought this pre-planned satanic assignment of the enemy in this hour!”

Postscript: Consider sharing this with those you know will pray!

That’s the end of the message. Brothers and sisters, we need to stand with our friends in the USA. The battle is raging.